Meet Dr. Izzy Eliaz

Dr. Izzy Eliaz
Dr. Izzy Eliaz

Dr. Eliaz has studied many modes of psychotherapy.  At Binghamton University Dr. Eliaz received a B.A. in psychology and trained in Behavior Therapy.  At Hofstra University, where Dr. Eliaz received his M.A. and Ph.D., he became proficient in Cognitive Behavior Therapy.  Dr. Eliaz has also completed a four year post-doctorate training in Adult Psychoanalysis from the William Alanson White Institute in New York City.  Dr. Eliaz believes in tailoring his treatment for each person using these various modalities based on individual goals and clinical presentation.

Dr. Eliaz believes in a mind-body connection.  Therefore, he may emphasize:

  • Supportive relationships
  • Healthy eating
  • Regular exercise
  • Spiritual connection/nature
  • Reflection and self awareness
  • Balancing work with joyful activities